Sunday, September 13, 2015

Grandparent's Day Celebration!

This evening we celebrated Grandparent's Day!  Earlier this week Owen created cards for each of his grandparents and sent them in the mail.  Tonight we had my parents over for dessert to celebrate, appreciate and honor them.  Owen wanted a sunflower theme (we are currently doing a sunflower unity study in preschool) for our celebration, so he drew a sunflower on our chalkboard and put it outside our front door. Owen also decorated the brownie pan to look like a sunflower.  After dessert we went for a nice cool evening walk around our trail to check out the "new bridge."

I am so thankful for my parents and their deep love for each of their grandchildren.  They are intentional, thoughtful, kind, serving, giving and helpful grandparents.  It is evident that they take great delight and enjoyment in their grandchildren.  I am also thankful that they talk with my boys about Jesus and show them what it looks like to love and follow Jesus.  I am so thankful for all my parents do for us.  Just this week my parents have watched the boys when I was not feeling well, took time to listen to one of my boys chat (non-stop) on the phone and picked us up for church!  Thank you for loving us all so well!  You are wonderful Grandparents!


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