Sunday, August 30, 2015

Holczer Camping Trip 2015

Last weekend we took the boys to Battleground Lake for their first camping trip.  We had such a wonderful time as a family.  We enjoyed slow days of playing in the dirt with trucks, hiking around the lake and playing on the nearby playground.  
Campsite #30
Me with my two boys!
"Daddy, I am sleeping."  ~Henry
Owen racing Jack CarMack and Redbeak down the track he made!
Our good morning view!
I surprised the boys with a special book for camping called The Secrets of the Apple Tree.
While reading the book you shine a flashlight or glow stick behind the pages to find something
that is hiding on the page!  Owen enjoyed discovering the secret on each page!
Henry, "helping" us get ready for camping!
Camping requires a lot of packing!
Playing with the trucks on our campsite!
Henry's favorite part of camping was the "swing and slide."
Bear paw cookies for dessert!
Brrr...the morning's were a bit cold!
Owen is always ready to go in the morning! 
Hiking around the lake on daddy's back!
A fun tree we discovered while hiking!  While enjoying our hike,
Owen turned to me and said "I am having an adventure in my mind!"
I wish I was able to enter his mind and see what was going on in his little head!
Half way around the lake!
Family selfie
A slow evening stroll by the lake led to this bench overlooking the lake.
The boys are watching someone swim across the lake!
Traffic cone clowns!

Morning tea together while watching the boys play in the dirt!
After the boys went to sleep each night, Tommy and I snuck out of the tent
to read this page-turning book we have been reading together this summer!
 (Yes, we finished it! Now YOU can check the book out at the library!)
Last trip to the swing and slide!

And now we start planning for camping next summer!


  1. I'm so glad you guys got to go camping! What wonderful memories!

    1. Thank you Julianna! Although it took a lot of preparing before hand, it was all worth it when we got there! I am glad we decided to go this summer!

    2. Yes, it is a LOT of work! But it's always worth it!